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Hot Forged Domestic Nuts

Domestic Nuts

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Atlanta Rod precision forges domestic nuts from 3/8” up to 3” and manufactures a wide variety of domestic carbon nuts from ¾” up to 3.” We can manufacture domestic nuts in the types, grades, and materials listed below. Our in-house domestic nut forging capabilities allow us to supply your construction project with bolts and nuts from the same point of manufacture and on your schedule.

Types and Grades:
A563 – All grades
A194 – All grades
F594 – All grades
A194 – Grade 3

** Various types and grades are available in most materials.  Please call to confirm availability in your specifications.


A194 Grade 3
Hastelloy C276
Hastelloy X
Inconel 600
Inconel 625
17- 4 PH Stainless
AL6XN Brass
Inconel 718
Monel 400
Monel K-500
Silicon Bronze
Duplex 2205
Duplex 2507
Nitronic 50
Nitronic 60
Alloy 20